How to Write a Legal Research Proposal Pdf

Φεβ 26 2022

However, the Act does not provide a legal framework for information technology issues in Tanzania, particularly in the area of intellectual property. It also affirms that it is the duty of the Government of the United Republic of Tanzania to ensure that its laws are in line with the development of science and technology and to participate fully in legislation specific to intellectual property This research will focus on the role of the Copyright and Related Rights Act[1] (CANRA) in protecting the beneficiary rights of owners of literary works in a digital environment. However, the author does not specify how the ip policy will be useful in protecting owners of literary works in a digital environment. The researcher intends to use this report as it highlights the importance of an intellectual property policy in the protection of intellectual property rights. She suggested that we now need to determine how laws are drafted to create the appropriate balance between copyright, user and publication rights. A major criticism of the laws that govern private behavior in a digitized environment focuses on law enforcement. It is believed that laws cannot be enforced without strict oversight, which would violate users` personal rights. Well-planned winter semester projects can be fascinating and rewarding. Some students have found that the winter semester abroad is the highlight of their time at HLS. However, students should understand that conducting winter semester projects abroad is a serious commitment and requires an investment of time before and after the winter semester. Grant applications must demonstrate this commitment. This study will include the collection of primary data on this problem. Fieldwork allows for direct interaction between a researcher and respondents, allowing the researcher to gather current and most relevant information for the problem being studied in order to prove or reject the existence of the problem in relation to the hypotheses made.

It points out that the absence of adequate intellectual property protection and policies would lead to the existence of unauthorized illegal works. However, the issue of copyright protection in the digital environment, in particular economic rights in literary works, is not addressed. Therefore, the research intends to use this study to cover this area, as it requires adequate protection of intellectual property and the creation of guidelines. This study will be carried out in two geographical areas, namely; “Home” and “Way”. Because at home, the researcher will be able to get the respondents, including judges, lawyers, police officers and prosecutors who have knowledge of the problem in question. This allows the researcher to get relevant and useful information about the problem. In his book, he deals specifically with the issue of the difficulties of copyright protection in technological development that is the subject of this study, but he does not deal with literary works. The research will use this literature to highlight the importance of copyright in keeping pace with the development of new technologies such as digitization and the Internet.

With digitization and the Internet, literary works are strongly affected by digital copyright infringements, for example through file sharing, copying and pasting, file sharing, downloading and other related illegal online activities, as these activities endanger the economic rights of literary works owners. Please note that funding is not guaranteed – students will only receive grants if their proposals include the necessary project elements described below. The specific amount awarded to each qualified student depends on the strength of the student`s proposal. The lack of clear and specific provisions to control online piracy and other related illegal online activities in CANRA can make it very difficult to enforce the law in a digital environment. In terms of the nature of the problem, data are collected using two methods, namely the interview and the questionnaire. The researcher preferred these methods because they are a comprehensive way to obtain first-hand information about the problem in order to enhance a thorough study of the phenomena as part of the study. However, interviews will be the dominant method in terms of data collection. Digitization is proving to have disrupted traditional means of copyright protection, as it leads to new forms of copyright infringement, promotes the conversion of literary works that are on paper into electronic copies, allows illegal copying of original literary works without compromising their quality, and illegal copies are distributed over networks. Students are responsible for the ethical implications of their research. If a student`s project involves research on human subjects, including interviews, surveys, or gathering information in any other way, it may require review by the Committee on the use of human subjects. Please check the information on their website; If you have any further questions, please contact [email protected] See a good example of a research proposal (PDF, 0.09 MB).

It will include the collection of secondary data from books, research papers, journals, reports, brochures, articles, memoirs, journals, laws and electronic sources. This is done in libraries, especially AAA University and the regional library “Home”, as all the documents examined are easily accessible from these libraries. However, the author spoke generally about the weakness of the law on the protection of intellectual property rights in the digital environment, without specifically addressing the protection of the economic rights of owners of literary works, which is addressed in detail in this research. In addition, the Internet and the urgency of peer-to-peer (P2P) file sharing have facilitated the illegal copying, streaming, downloading, downloading, or general sharing of copyrighted works. This raises the question of whether traditional copyright law means, for example, that the legal prohibition or restriction of peer-to-peer file sharing is an effective way to regulate innovation and the use of ICTs. These examples do not provide a complete overview of the strengths and weaknesses of the projects, but illustrate some key aspects that the selection committee takes into account when evaluating proposals. It is not necessary for a student to have already spent time in the country where they plan to travel in the winter semester, but knowledge of the local context and language can be crucial for effective work. And while it`s certainly possible for a student to spend the winter semester researching a topic of current rather than long-standing interest, the topic and purpose should have some relevance to the student`s fields of study, skills, and experience, and shouldn`t be a random choice or thinly veiled justification for a leisure trip.

It is not enough to identify a fascinating subject. A student should indicate how they will be able to work seriously on the subject in the winter semester and explain in detail their goals and methods. For more information, including credit details, see the information on the winter semester writing program (under “Additional Academic Opportunities (JD and Graduate Program”) in the hlS Academic Policy Manual, and read tips on developing a winter semester research/writing project (PDF) and preparing for writing (PDF). In general, the researcher agrees that the authors of the books reviewed talk about the problems of the digital environment for intellectual property and the inadequate application of the existing right to control these problems. Student B wanted to travel to several cities in Germany to conduct a comparative study of U.S. and German asylum laws that focuses on the role of national security threats and their responses to them in shaping laws and executive actions. The proposal highlighted that the topic builds on the students` previous work and academic experiences in refugee and asylum law, as well as an area of interest stemming from his family`s experience of fleeing Iraq to Germany. The student provided a detailed explanation of his approach and methodology, as well as a specific list of research questions. They explained why elements of their research – including interviews and access to secondary sources – made the trip to Germany essential and found that they had communicated in advance with the experts and NGOs they would consult abroad. The student also described her fluent knowledge of German and her familiarity with the country.

The faculty supervisor confirmed that the student had a concrete research plan in place, noting that the project would be carried out at a critical time given the political climate in both countries. Download “Legal research proposal” legal-research-proposal-sample-PDF.pdf – downloaded 19 times – 374 KB Wangwe, P. (2009) [50] Notes in its report that until 1966, the lack of effective IP protection in Tanzania warranted a significant improvement that required the adaptation and expansion of the legal, administrative and enforcement framework as well as human capacity. The questionnaire is suitable for respondents who have enough knowledge to provide detailed information on the subject. This method focuses on respondents who are agents, but they are not able to provide information immediately because they are very busy or if it can be difficult for researchers to confront them due to the nature of their offices, especially COSOTA officials. .